How do I contribute?

This depends on your knowledge about usage of Github. Github is a provider of Internet hosting for software development and version control using Git. If you don't know how to use Github, you can also contribute without Github.

Contributing with Github

To contribute with Github, start by forking the repository (
When you've done this you can start adding axolotl facts to the facts.txt file, each fact is separated by a newline character.
You can also contribute pictures, to do this you should first upload the images to anywhere on the internet. After that, you can put each image's URL in pictures.txt, each image is separated by a newline character.
Next you should create a pull request, comparing your branch to the database's main branch. If everything seems to be alright, your pull request will be merged.

Contributing without Github

To contribute if you don't have a Github account, please contact AceKiron#5467 on Discord and send them what you wish to contibute.